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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands



Seeds to Proceed is a certified center, play based childcare with preschool curriculum. At Seeds to Proceed, we believe most of the concepts and age-appropriate development for our students can be achieved through play and inquiry based projects. Learning through play allows students to develop important problems solving techniques, conflict resolution, and to foster imagination and self confidence. All of these skills help prepare our students to be successful, lifelong learners. 


We also believe in inquiry based or student lead learning.  We focus projects on areas of interest for the children. By exploring projects and learning about areas of interest  for our students, we are striving to help foster the natural curiosity that will lead to excitement about learning new things.


Indoor Playtime


During indoor playtime, our 4 main areas of focus are dramatic play, building, circle time and sensory tables. Dramatic play encourages the development of imagination as well as cooperation between students. In order to facilitate exciting dramatic play, we provide costumes so that your child can transform into a superhero or a fairy princess. We also have a play kitchen where many delicious culinary inventions have taken place. Building helps our students develop fine motor skills and cooperation. We provide wooden building blocks, lego tables, lincoln logs and geocubes. During circle time, we learn about the days of the week, the month, sing songs and read books. This is a more structured time which helps create community at our school. Sensory tables provide hands-on learning through exploration. Our sensory tables change regularly and allow students to develop fine motor skills through dumping and filling, picking up with tongs, and searching for buried treasure.


Outdoor Playtime


We love outdoor play time at Seeds to Proceed! We have a large play space with many options for creative play. We also enjoy our garden boxes where we plant flowers and vegetables that we nurture. Seeds to Proceed also explores the neighborhood on walks and trips to nearby parks.


Lunch and Nap


Early afternoon brings about lunchtime followed by naptime. At Seeds to Proceed  we believe that high quality food we put in our bodies provides us with the best fuel for our fun. We focus on providing our students with all varieties of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and quality proteins . We nap everyday after lunch to give our bodies the rest we need to have a successful afternoon. We read stories and listen to the sound of rain to promote a calming, peaceful naptime.  

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